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Credential Programs for the Smart Sustainability Industry Professionals and Practitioners

This program is "exclusively" developed, administered and trademarked by the American Sustainability Leadership Insitute. 

It is the first credential program that recognizes past experience and information gained through our course for career enhancement for professional and practitioners 

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Get Recognized for Developing the Commercialization of Smart Sustainability

We credit your experience, expand your knowledge base and credit your skills.

Presented by executives who inspire change that increases profitability.

Do you know you can earn your certification by attending onsite, online and webinar events?

Self-paced program. Total commitment hrs to complete program is approx 20 hrs.
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We are proud of our leadership in the Commercialization of Smart Sustainability.

Celebrating 14 yrs presenting programs of excellence featuring leading experts in the evolution of smart sustainability

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If you enroll for the December 13, 2017 Sustainability Leaders Insights Forum, you can attend and receive your first credits for FREE.

Theme:  Building a Resilient and Reliable Infrastructure. 

You will learn from directors of Franklin & Marshall College, Ctr for Sustainable Environment, US Air Force-Integrating Smart Sustainability into a Resiliency Plan, PA Dept of Community & Economic Dev-Funding Projects and Collaboration on Existing Sustainable Enterprises, Villanova University-Importance of Creating a Backup Plan for your Backup Plan (power generation)

The application to the program is transferable if you move to another career or job. 

The application is registered to the SSP Candidate NOT your company or organization. The application fee is non-refundable.
Additional program courses are separate charges paid at the time of scheduling. *

The paid application fee is valid for 2 years.  If there is no participatory activity within that time period, the candidate must re-apply for admission in the program.  Candidates have 18 months to complete a self-paced program. An approved presentation to the Council is required in lieu of exam.  Topic and subject material must be pre-approved by Insitute.
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The Application fee is $150.  Payment is due to activate your candidacy in the SSP Program. 

We can issue you a business receipt if you need one for reimbursement.

AmerSLC can email an invoice but it must be paid in order to be considered a candidate and receive credit for the next session Dec 13, 2017.

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The application fee for enrollment is standard for all candidates. 
Application fee for Enrollment in the Smart Sustainability Professional Certification Program (SSP) 

AmerSLC accepts credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club credit and debit cards.and checks. 

You may pay by check; however, checks must be cleared through bank account and then credited to your account to proceed.

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Thank you for enrolling as a candidate in the SSP program.  Next session is December 13, 2017  8:30-11:30am, PA Turnpike Commission Building, 700 S Eisenhower Blvd, Middletown, PA (Suburban Harrisburg PA)
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